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Who are we

Passionate about helping people and organizations reach their true potential, Ciprian is a coach and trainer based in Zug, Switzerland. 


With a strong background in working with cross-cultural teams in fields like computer science, fintech, and marketing, Ciprian believes that today's work paradigm is continuously changing, substantially and irreversibly. Embracing new ways of working and constantly provoking the process is the only way for organizations to achieve their goals.


Ciprian has a track record in helping thriving organizations use Agile as a strategic business asset, not only for product development but also for culture change.

Wowefy is a Switzerland based organization created to inspire and actively help companies on their journey towards business agility.

Wowefy is our way of saying that your Way of Working brings the Efficiency that is leading you to making your Why, whatever that is, reality.

What we do

Online work meeting

Public Training

For ambitious individuals, we accompany you in your journey to personal success through a wide range of transformational training and workshops, designed to help you lead the way to agility.

Our classes cover much more than just theory.
You’ll walk away with a clear understanding on how to use your new acquired skills and knowledge in your context.

Business discussion session

Private Training

We partner with organizations on their way to agile success and, by making best use of coaching, training, and facilitation, we help them become the business that they want and need to be.